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Hunedoara County  [in progress]

Average size of land property:    1074 ha

Average size of forest property:    761 ha

Average size of pasture property: 264 ha

Bio-physical characteristics of the resources: Most commons, 60% have a few separated plots of land and 40% have a rather compact surface. 63% of the commons have predominantly forests deciduous species, 26% have predominantly coniferous forests, and 11% have mixed forests. Concerning age of forests, 57% have mostly old forest, above 80 years, while 40% have forest aged below 80. The average annual allowable quota for harvesting is 1850 mc/commons. 66% of the forests in the commons are easy to access by existing roads. 39% of the commons own areas included in various forms of protection, Natura 2000 sites, and mostly national parks.

In 2016, we interviewed representatives of 40 commons in the county of Hunedoara (one quarter of all commons in the county). From these, 67% had lawsuits regarding land restitution, and 20% have large amounts of land that were claimed but could not be regained. In 30% of the Hunedoara commons, many rightful descendants could not be found, and 15% of commons at the time of research still use the old members registers (from before 1948), as they did not draw up new ones.

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